Ivan van Rooyen Appointed Head Coach Of The Emirates Lions

(Photo Credit: Jorina Raath/Speedshots.co.za)

The Lions Rugby Company announced the appointment of Ivan van Rooyen as Head Coach of the Emirates Lions.

“Ivan van Rooyen is someone who can build on the successes of past years. He has proven his worth within the Lions Company Structures,” said Rudolf Straeuli, CEO of the Lions Rugby Company (LRC).

Altmann Allers, Chairman and Owner of LRC credited Van Rooyen who positioned himself as the most impressive candidate during the recruitment process. “In Ivan we have an outstanding coach that covers all areas. His extensive knowledge of the Lions culture coupled with his scientific background is paramount in crucial decision making factors.”

The new coach said the Lions has been his home since 2009, “and it is all I know.”

He added: “We have the opportunity to create something very special. We have a young but dynamic team and a ‘blank canvas’. It is all up to us what we make of it. Standing in front of that ‘blank canvas’, we will establish clear goals, we will decide who will be involved in this process, what will success look like and what tools we will use to measure our success. I am truly blessed to do what I love to do,” he said.